Another 11 Outstanding Custom Guitars

Sasquatch Guitar

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Guitar builder George Marlin has created a Bigfoot guitar for the Miami Beach Guitar Festival.The sasquatch sound box is actually just the foot of Bigfoot- an earlier attempt at a full size Bigfoot guitar found that it too difficult to hold a 10 foot tall guitar and it was scaring off the neighborhood kids as well. No idea how it sounds, but in rock n’ roll image is half of everything and this thing looks really freakin’
Assault Guitars

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Previewed at Winter NAMM 09, the AK87/91 Assault Guitar comes equipped with a flame thrower and roman candles…and it plays. It’s made by Johnson Guitars and they carry a few other machine gun guitars with a more “classic”

Real Lego Guitar

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This black Lego Guitar is a functioning instrument with the entire case made out of our favorite childhood toy. Jam out with your friends, and if a piece ofthe guitar falls off, just snap it back together. Including pick-ups, bridge, and all of the functioning parts, all this baby needs is some strings. And judging from the comments on the source page, Viagra users just love

Swiss Cheese Guitar

guitar,guitar design,design
In January 2005, Vigier made one prototype “Bumblefoot Swiss CheeseGuitar” (pictured below,) then manufactured an additional 10 guitars. 9 guitars were sold, the 10th will be auctioned for Multiple Sclerosis researchfunding . link

Koopa Troopa Guitar

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An anonymous creator fashioned this piece of geek rock and roll and his friend posted it to Reddit.Needles to say, something like this got some votes over there, and the creator finally had to drop a few words of wisdom about his piece of electric guitar glory. He explains that, “The guitar is right handed. I play it so the Koopa is on its back (it’s been stomped). When it is on a guitar stand it’s walking about. Just pretend Mario jumped on the Koopa Troopa and chose to hold it for too long so it’s escaping.” link

Egyptian God Guitar

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These guitars are actually part of a series, other Egyptian figures include Apophis, Bast, Horus and Osiris whose lovely golden Bigsby tremelo falls in quite an unfortunate place!The guitar has an African Mahongany body and a Maple neck with one of the craziest headstock designs We’ve ever seen.Also the Ebony fingerboard has hand cut abalone inlays and these of course are Pyramid inlays! All thehardware is Gold of course and the guitar is hand painted, signed and

Skull Guitar

guitar,guitar design,design
The body of the guitar is shaped like a skull and with coffin case is the ideal combination for halloween

guitar,guitar design,designguitar,guitar design,design
guitar,guitar design,design
guitar,guitar design,design
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