Sweet Childhood Dreams Come True

This factory is a dream of any child. Here they make chocolate, one of the best in Russia.

‘Rossiya’ chocolate factory was built in 1970. In 1995, it began cooperating with Swiss ‘Nestle’. At present, it produces several dozens of Russian chocolate. Also, it makes all ‘Nestle’ chocolate sold in Russia, including chocolate bars, candies, hot chocolate and ‘Nesquik’ cocoa.
This is the logotype of the company. It says, “Rossiya (Russia), the generous soul”.
‘Each fruit of the cacao tree contains 30 to 50 cacao beans.’
The cacao tree blossoms all year round. Its first flowers appear when the tree is 5 to 6 years old. The cacao bears fruits for 30 to 80 years. Each fruit is up to 30 centimeters long and has a weight of 500 grams. They gather in the harvest twice a year.
This is the way the cacao plantation looks.
Candies by ‘Rossiya’.
One of the managers of the company.
Here, all visitors get instructed on safety measures and asked to sign their name in a special register.
Entering the production department.
All sanitary rules must be strictly observed.
Heading to the department where they grate cacao beans.
It’s very noisy there that is why visitors are told what to pay their attention to beforehand.
Note how many warning signs they have on the walls.
‘Eliminate injury rate!’
By the way, female employees are prohibited from wearing jewelry on their hands, like rings or bracelets. They also cannot wear nail varnish and everything what may break off and get into chocolate.
Roasted cacao beans.
The crusher.
Then, they grate crushed cacao beans and in the press it turns into oil.
In these tanks they store grated cacao.
Cacao beans – crushed cacao beans – grated cacao -  cacao oil and cocoa powder.
Milk chocolate is made of cacao oil, powdered cocoa, sugar and dry milk.
White chocolate contains no powdered cocoa.
Dark chocolate contains no dry milk.
‘We are a team on continuous perfection. Join us!’; ‘Our goal for 2011: 77 persons’.
On these tags they write imperfections in working conditions which have to be eliminated.
The green door is for people, the red one is for equipment.
Taster is the best job ever.
A group of tasters taste chocolate and inspect its color, smell and look.
At the factory, there is an experimental lab where they create new recipes to make new products. Unfortunately, we cannot show you this.
Here they produce ‘Nesquik’ cocoa.
A packing line.
In the neighbouring department, they make hot chocolate.
We are getting closer to the department where they make candies.
Assorted candies.
Forms for chocolate bars.
Chocolate bars.
They pour chocolate into forms, cool it and remove from the forms.
Sticking labels.
Let’s top it off with praline.
They make cones out of it…
And cover them with chocolate.
Then they cool it…
To cover with chocolate one more time.
Ground waffles.
Lunch break.
Branch manager of ‘Nestle Rossiya’ in Samara.
Location: Samara
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